Kartra Bonus Call 1

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  • I went ahead and signed up for this kartra membership and took advantage the bonuses training you are offering since I also had purchased the simple site from you.

  • Thanks for the replay. This will be quite helpful.
    Got the optin working. Have to mow the yard before it gets too hot but will do some more later today.
    Thanks again.

  • How does the Kartra Opt In work with Squeeze Blog Pro. How can I place the Kartra Optin in the same location as Pro Blog Opt In or can I link the P ro Blog button to Kartra?

  • Hey Marcus,
    Good stuff as usual thanks for the info on using Karta w/Squeeze Blogs, just what I was looking for. Did my homework check out my dite: selfmotivationquotes.org.I’d like your feedback, I think I may have gone overboard e/content. I’m giving away a daily motivation service & monthly newsletter to build my list, and want to monetize with Self Development Ebook & Video Courses.
    Can I recommend one thing, maybe keep participants muted until after your presentation. While some of the “shouted” questions were good, I think many of them would have been answered in your presentation and the constant interruptions were distracting.

    Thanks again.

    Wayne Green